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Monday, January 31, 2005


andrew hallisey, aka siktransit, has just made three of the most powerful and daring remixes i've heard in a long time. tune in this month as we've got a special on these tracks. perhaps in a couple days we can get a hold of them for download.

.1 drillcore remix of wario (from such games as super mario kart and mario tennis) and l'il john of crunk juice fame.

.2 brilliant, shifty cut of jay z's "99 problems" that regresses to sonic torture punk by the end. unreal.

.3 somehow, this guy takes eddie murphy's only hit single, "party all the time" and sucks it guts right out, feeding them back to murphy if he was ray liotta in "hannibal" ...here comes the airplane, eddie! be prepared to dance to (gasp)...house music!

i urge you to listen to hally's early stuff, but when his new shit drops, be ready to collect some major music dues. he, along with 0=0, are ready to take over the electronic music world, engaging in a forthcoming collaboration in the areas of record releases, remixes and music videos. and it's all going on in your back yard.

Saturday, January 29, 2005


mostly new and unreleased material today, so here we go...

* from mccartney II, the only electronic solo beatle album

LCD SOUNDSYSTEM - Disco Infilitrator
LCD SOUNDSYSTEM - Never as Tired as When I'm Waking Up
OUT HUD - One Life to Leave
* both of these groups are releasing new albums over the next couple months. if you go to europe and pick up a copy of LCD's, you'll get a bonus disc of all their previously released singles. i'll leave it up to you to find these leaked songs, but only in hopes that you'll buy these albums or go see them live.

SAMURAI - Dreams are Like Water
POLSKA - You Stil Play Percussion?
OUTLOOK - Around the World
* what a fitting title to end this set with. all these tracks come from Synaptic Plastic, a label that gets most of its material from various bedrooms and home studios across the globe. these three come from such exotic locations as finland, ireland and markham, respectively.

CARIBOU (the artist formerly known as manitoba) - Brahmini Kite
* from the forthcoming "Milk of Human Kindnesss" album, set for release in april
HEXES AND OHS (aka A Vertical Mosaic) - Alive Until Satuday Night
HOT HOT HEAT - Goodnight Goodnight
ARCADE FIRE - Intervention (live @ KCRW' Morning Becomes Eclectic) - Intervention


it's wavelength's fith anniversary in a couple of weekends, so everyone in toronto should try to make it out to at least one of the following celebratory shows:

Thursday Feb. 10 @ Cinecycle
Lullabye Arkestra, The World Provider, The Vermicious Knid, YACHT, LAL
DJs Youth Brigade T.O.
9pm, $5-$10 sliding scale

Friday Feb. 11 @ Lee�s Palace
The Constantines, /a>The Creeping Nobodies, Masia One , Kids on TV, S.S. Cardiacs
DJs Anatolian Black Militia
9pm, $8 advance/$10 door -- ON SALE NOW at Rotate This, Soundscapes + the Horseshoe, plus Wavelength on Sundays Jan. 30 + Feb. 6

Saturday Feb. 12 @ Music Gallery
Jon-Rae & the River , Final Fantasy, Shawn Hewitt, Holy Fuck
8pm-12am, $5-$10 sliding scale
+ Expensive Shit after-party @ Syp Lounge, 56 Kensington Ave. with DJs Nunk + Captain Easychord! $5

Sunday Feb. 13 @ Sneaky Dee�s
The BackTheFuckUps - playing all Toronto hits of the Wavelength Common Era!
The Blow, The Two Koreas, Ghostlight aka Mean Red Spiders
Doc Pickles -- Wavelength co-founder + emcee emeritus!
DJ Hitch McGraw & His Sidekick Chow Chow
9pm, PWYC

pay tribute to half a decade of DIY music in toronto, city of the future.

Saturday, January 22, 2005


expensive shit was damn hot! the 56 is still a rockin place, and they manage to operate despite continual liquor license infrigements. a boy in blue came down last night to pass along some "you've been bad" notices to the bartenders, but the show must go on, yeah? all night it was dirty garage and dancehall. met some girls outside who used to roll with my old friends the radical dudez. reefer was passed around by the bathroom and i managed to get a hold of some roaches to put in the pocket for later. always gotta think for the future.

speaking of the future, we have no show planned for next week. nothin yet. but we'll bring you an update soon. for now, this week's playlist:

THE FALL - Industrial Estate
FLATTSTREET - Supafly Baggy Pants
FLATTSTREET - Cadillac for Each Foot
* these guys are the definition of "happy rock"...which makes sense because it's their word.
BA JOHNSTON - Horror Movie Girls
BA JOHNSTON - Pita Pit Girls
* this guy turns lonely guy relationship musi on its head. he's a good friend of mayor mcca's and a good frind to humanity while he's at it. download his songs here if you ever fear that you may grow old listening to your neighbours fuck to our lady peace.
THE DEVIANCE - March of the Deviants
JAPANCAKES - the waiting (live at KVRX 91.7fm in austin texas)
PERENNIAL MACHETE - Planet Junction and the First Galaxy
* few people know this, but htis band IS the be all end all of high school basement bands. long live Molson Brewhard and David Lawnmower!
KERRI CARISSE - Velvet Divorce
* one of my favourite indie solo arists these days. she uses a program called "audacity" to get those strange bed tracks. basically, the program breaks code information into algorythms that can be used to make automated music.
* the original reggae number from which the main sample of the 0=0 tune of the same name we played a couple weeks back was lifted. there's gonna be a remix of the 0=0 tune ready soon, and when it is, we'll drop it.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


the weekend trip to kingston "blew my mind" as they say in high school. broken tables, bleeding people, yup, it was all there. the tsunami relief was a success, and possibly FUN!'s best show ever. we still haven't totally decided on the cause quite yet, as we're interested now in maybe contributing to AIDS fighting in africa or perhaps assistance to darfur people uprooted by janjaweed. iraqi civilian projects may also be considered. i think we'll leave it open to each act, who came across a good bit of money from the night.

this week we'll feature the more music from some of the people i met through the event. hamilton's eckart brothers were present at the gig, all from different bands: flatt street, the deviance and the escape goats. at the after show pary they let us in on some of the songs they sing together as brothers. i'm a huge fan of "keep your pants on, harold", which i hope one day we can hear live on ESB. i'd love to have these guys on the show. be sure to check out their label, drinking cap for som news on the hamilton scene and fresh tunes from their growing roster of musicians.


DJ BC (aka the Beastles) - Hold it Togteher Now
* from the b--boys / fab four mashup one of the more creative and enjoyable mashups that goes a bit old skool. went around the net about a month ago but as far as i know, the project has been taken down.

TAPE-BEATLES - America is Confident
* the tape-beatles and public works are the same artists with two distinct projects which the bastard pop mashup scene playing at those horrid "hipster" clubs owes its entire existence to.

DESTROYER ft. FROG EYES - New Ways of Living
* a nice collaboration, from a cbc session.

OF MONTREAL - Know Your Onion
* it's always nice to hear a good cover, but when does anyone do a shins song? outside of campus coffee houses, i'd think pretty much never. this is a treat that only the internet can really provide.

THE DEVIANCE - Fringe Funk
THE DEVIANCE - The Devil is the Father of all Deviation
* This Hamilton five piece has adapted John Wyndam's The Chrysalids into a tongue in cheek rock opera. you can downoad the album for free here.

SARAH RUBA - Please Send Me Someone to Love
* they've just released a new album and they're about to take their act to another level. the addition of sarah ruba on vocals for This Dog is Big allows for a further exploration of the grey area surrounding jazz. more from these guys on friday.

SCOTT HERREN - 3 untitled tracks from "Soul Outtakes"
* as promised last week, more from prefuse 73's solo and side projects. these two, in my opinion, eclipse any work that he did on savath and savalas. it might not be as busy or musically explorative as his better known work but its cohesion and solidity warrant some serious attention.

RAZOM - Nas Bagato
* the hip hop song from ukraine's orange revoltuion that became a rallying cry for hundreds upon thousands on the streets during the post-election protests in november and december.

over the next few weeks, we're going to start some serious non-ESB work for CIUT. hopefully, we can have our one hour feature on stephen marhsall's q+a session and screenign at the drake in december. he is guerilla news network's creative director and one of its founders. he spoke at length about the fundamental need for progressive news and culture to stop pidgeon-holing itself into alienation.

we're also aiming to produce a special in the spring about the annex neighbourhood in toronto based loosely around jack batten's new book. i hope for jack to give me a personal walking tour of the neighbourhood and go over some things that the book wasn't able to cover. i'll try and get in touch with the guys from the [murmur] project since they've done some of their own annex history digging as well.

let's hope we have the drive to get it done.

- guy stevos

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


...and another swimmingly excellent eclectic electric surround sound basement placement.


0=0 - In Your Eyes
0=0 - Soul Hunter Testifies 70's remix
0=0 + Mac - Bridge Over Broken Water
* the music of jason chadzilias, founder and owner of synaptic plastic. he's a very good friend of the eclectic sound basement, guesting on the show in october with his label's latest acquisition, siktransit. jason has just been signed to planet-mu, and the first single they're releasing is the first song of this week's show. congrats jay!
CHEVRON - Swimmin Lessons
SEU JORGE - Starman
* both from the life aquatic with steve zissou soundtrack, wes anderson's latest flick. you'd remember mothersbaugh from devo while seu jorge, who plays one of captain zissou's shipmates, translated all the film's bowie songs into portugese and performed them live. killer flick, excellent soundtrack. 4 headphones out of 5 from the basement team.
SCOTT HERREN - two untitled tracks from Soul Outtakes
* a largely unknown prefuse 73 project. we'll have more from him next week.
VULCAN DUB SQUAD - Killing an Arab
THE HOSPITALS - I'm Invisible
* this week's feature examines the mayhem that ensued when these two bands played together in may at the silver dollar room in toronto, resulting in promoter dan burke's head getting smashed open. read about it on zoilus.
TOMATE POTATE - The Ballad of Johnny Boxing Day
* kingston, ontario's two-piece sensation deliver a cynical xmas present to their listeners.

our special this week: intermittent sound bytes from Radio First Termer, a pirate radio broadcast from saigon, circa 1970, during the vietnam war. dj dave rabbit, the mysterious and currently unidentified host, stole a signal from the u.s. air force (at 69 fm megacycles, no less) and was able to put together a nightly counter-culture broacast for the first termers and non-reenlisters in the u.s. armed forces. i highly suggest that you smoke some sweet grass, put on your tattered army jacket and listen to this lost relic before it disappears from the internet.

we're heading off to kingston this weekend for a Funn Innovations show featuring FUN!, flatt street, the deviance and the shutups. some funds will go to the relief effort in south east asia, the rest to the bands so they can pack up and go home without runnin out of that stinkin, foul pollutant we call gasoline. we'll have a roundup of some of the tunes from these groups on next week's show. anyone in the kingston area should hit up this gig, it's goin down on saturday the 15th at clark hall pub on the queen's university campus.

don't forget to tune in next week, eat your vitamins and call your mother. she misses you.

- guy stevos

Wednesday, January 05, 2005


ESB PLAYLIST 12/24/04 (repeat 12/31/04)...no downloads this week due to fatigue brought on by:
- old school sports star new years at ottawa's babylon with CFRC's mike sallot and disorganized, check out this mix for some hard cocaine disco for the children of cobain
- too many episodes of six feet under season two
- free version of protools (48 MIDI tracks!!!)
- 39 golden greats by the fall
- too much kahlua

maybe we'll post some after friday's show with this week's picks, but in the meantime:


ROBERT FRIPP & DAVID BYRNE - under heavy manners
* a very interesting side project. it's too much fun to hear david byrne singing five minutes of words that end in "ism"
GREAT LAKE SWIMMERS - i will never see the sun
* "i will never see the sun, spadina st. george bay and yonge"...yknow, you can now buy TTC subway stp buttons? 5bux for 5, 40 for the whole system!
* excellent cover of that dreadful cher song from a few years back, they even have the phone sounds and the vocoder.
SMOG - hit the ground running
* a solo artist in a siilar vein to fog (the fact that the band names rhyme no doubt causes some confusion, i'm sure)
PANIK - dumbwaiters
BLACK STROBE - paris acid city
* some of the best eurotrash available on the web that week
R2D2 and C3P0 - sleigh ride
ARCADE FIRE - oh holy night and jingle bell rock from the very arcade fire xmas, 2002
* there are some very bizarre xmas tunes out there folks
THE DEADLY SNAKES - i want to die
NOVILLERO - stumble on
LONDON APARTMENTS - what are those sounds
* canuck artists represent on the blog scene all around the world
FINAL FANTASY - peach plumb pear
* known to many as owen pallet of the hidden cameras, les mouches, and occasionally the arcade fire. he's the music director at legendary cbc radio show the vinyl cafe and has recently impressed a wide audience with his violin and vocal compositions at the vinyl cafe xmas concert.

taken from a number of excellent music blogs, including sixeyes, said the gramophone, copy, right? (this may not be up right now), and brooklyn vegan. do some searcing and you'll find most of the playlist from the smash hit radio special we so graciously assembled.

we're still finalizing this week's upcoming show, but over the next couple of weeks, look for: some BOMB new cuts from 0=0 at synaptic plastic, scott herren/prefuse 73 side projects, selections from the life aquatic soundtrack, and nod to vitkor yushchenko with hip hop from the orange revolution.

as my old 'nam buddy dave rabbit used to say, "the hits just keep on comin!"