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Wednesday, January 05, 2005


ESB PLAYLIST 12/24/04 (repeat 12/31/04)...no downloads this week due to fatigue brought on by:
- old school sports star new years at ottawa's babylon with CFRC's mike sallot and disorganized, check out this mix for some hard cocaine disco for the children of cobain
- too many episodes of six feet under season two
- free version of protools (48 MIDI tracks!!!)
- 39 golden greats by the fall
- too much kahlua

maybe we'll post some after friday's show with this week's picks, but in the meantime:


ROBERT FRIPP & DAVID BYRNE - under heavy manners
* a very interesting side project. it's too much fun to hear david byrne singing five minutes of words that end in "ism"
GREAT LAKE SWIMMERS - i will never see the sun
* "i will never see the sun, spadina st. george bay and yonge"...yknow, you can now buy TTC subway stp buttons? 5bux for 5, 40 for the whole system!
* excellent cover of that dreadful cher song from a few years back, they even have the phone sounds and the vocoder.
SMOG - hit the ground running
* a solo artist in a siilar vein to fog (the fact that the band names rhyme no doubt causes some confusion, i'm sure)
PANIK - dumbwaiters
BLACK STROBE - paris acid city
* some of the best eurotrash available on the web that week
R2D2 and C3P0 - sleigh ride
ARCADE FIRE - oh holy night and jingle bell rock from the very arcade fire xmas, 2002
* there are some very bizarre xmas tunes out there folks
THE DEADLY SNAKES - i want to die
NOVILLERO - stumble on
LONDON APARTMENTS - what are those sounds
* canuck artists represent on the blog scene all around the world
FINAL FANTASY - peach plumb pear
* known to many as owen pallet of the hidden cameras, les mouches, and occasionally the arcade fire. he's the music director at legendary cbc radio show the vinyl cafe and has recently impressed a wide audience with his violin and vocal compositions at the vinyl cafe xmas concert.

taken from a number of excellent music blogs, including sixeyes, said the gramophone, copy, right? (this may not be up right now), and brooklyn vegan. do some searcing and you'll find most of the playlist from the smash hit radio special we so graciously assembled.

we're still finalizing this week's upcoming show, but over the next couple of weeks, look for: some BOMB new cuts from 0=0 at synaptic plastic, scott herren/prefuse 73 side projects, selections from the life aquatic soundtrack, and nod to vitkor yushchenko with hip hop from the orange revolution.

as my old 'nam buddy dave rabbit used to say, "the hits just keep on comin!"


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