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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Finally got a chance to chill with Dan Haid in the studio today. It was really cool to hear his take on some of the more cerebral aspects of track making. He's classically trained, and from what I gather, he wandered into electronic music through film score work, finding himself saving time and money by working with synthesizers in lieu of live instruments. We got to listen to a brand new track as well, and some collabo work with his friend Pete Huang. They go by the name Banger and Mash, not to be confused with the UK's Bangers & Mash, or for that matter the delicious breakfast.

ESB 09/8/25

TIGA - Shoes (A Bang Gang Hot Shoe Remix)
LCD SOUNDSYSTEM - 45:33 (Prins Thomas Discomiks)
FARE SOLDI - Il Vecchio E Il Mullet (Rodion Remix)
DON CASH - Take It To The Top

(Dan Haid Guest Segment)

DAN HAID - Listen And Learn
DAN HAID - Deja Vu
DAN HAID - No Coincidence
WHITE STRIPES - Seven Nation Army (Dan Haid + Pete Huang Remix)