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Wednesday, January 12, 2005


...and another swimmingly excellent eclectic electric surround sound basement placement.


0=0 - In Your Eyes
0=0 - Soul Hunter Testifies 70's remix
0=0 + Mac - Bridge Over Broken Water
* the music of jason chadzilias, founder and owner of synaptic plastic. he's a very good friend of the eclectic sound basement, guesting on the show in october with his label's latest acquisition, siktransit. jason has just been signed to planet-mu, and the first single they're releasing is the first song of this week's show. congrats jay!
CHEVRON - Swimmin Lessons
SEU JORGE - Starman
* both from the life aquatic with steve zissou soundtrack, wes anderson's latest flick. you'd remember mothersbaugh from devo while seu jorge, who plays one of captain zissou's shipmates, translated all the film's bowie songs into portugese and performed them live. killer flick, excellent soundtrack. 4 headphones out of 5 from the basement team.
SCOTT HERREN - two untitled tracks from Soul Outtakes
* a largely unknown prefuse 73 project. we'll have more from him next week.
VULCAN DUB SQUAD - Killing an Arab
THE HOSPITALS - I'm Invisible
* this week's feature examines the mayhem that ensued when these two bands played together in may at the silver dollar room in toronto, resulting in promoter dan burke's head getting smashed open. read about it on zoilus.
TOMATE POTATE - The Ballad of Johnny Boxing Day
* kingston, ontario's two-piece sensation deliver a cynical xmas present to their listeners.

our special this week: intermittent sound bytes from Radio First Termer, a pirate radio broadcast from saigon, circa 1970, during the vietnam war. dj dave rabbit, the mysterious and currently unidentified host, stole a signal from the u.s. air force (at 69 fm megacycles, no less) and was able to put together a nightly counter-culture broacast for the first termers and non-reenlisters in the u.s. armed forces. i highly suggest that you smoke some sweet grass, put on your tattered army jacket and listen to this lost relic before it disappears from the internet.

we're heading off to kingston this weekend for a Funn Innovations show featuring FUN!, flatt street, the deviance and the shutups. some funds will go to the relief effort in south east asia, the rest to the bands so they can pack up and go home without runnin out of that stinkin, foul pollutant we call gasoline. we'll have a roundup of some of the tunes from these groups on next week's show. anyone in the kingston area should hit up this gig, it's goin down on saturday the 15th at clark hall pub on the queen's university campus.

don't forget to tune in next week, eat your vitamins and call your mother. she misses you.

- guy stevos


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