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Monday, September 29, 2008

This week, our boy STA drops a new one for us. Check the breakdancetravagance that is "Baker's Dozen" on bigstereo, as well as his September mixtape.

Tune in this Saturday for an all-night Nuit Blanche special we're calling Radio Blanche: This Old House, a tribute to our Victorian environs at 91 St. George St, soon to be demolished to make way for a new wing at the U f T business school. Don't panic, we're moving to a better location on campus, it's even more Victorian. Featuring a DJ set by Guy Stevos sometime in the night, as of yet undecided.

Next weekend, for those of you staying in the city for Canuck Thanksgiving, More Proof is back to make sure your tryptofan wears off mad quick.


STA - Baker's Dozen
JAMES PANTS - Ka$h (A-Trak + XXXChange Remix)
MORGAN GEIST - Palace Kife
LATE OF THE PIER - Bathroom Gurgle (Nightmoves Remix)
SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO - I Got This Down (Invisible Conga People Remix)
RYE RYE + M.I.A. - Tic Toc
CRYSTAL CASTLES vs. HEALTH - Crimewave (Sinden Remix)
DAISY DAISY - Michelle Plays Ping Pong (Vicarious Bliss Remix)
TMDP - Balcone (Demo)
GOLDEN GIRLS - Dance With Me
FAN DEATH - The Son Will Rise

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I love San Francisco. It took only 24 hours to feel this way...

...and now it's back to Toronto. Both cities are soon to be last bastions in countries that could very well wake up to find themselves run by a coalition of "conservatives".

North America isn't going to be partysville for the next ten years if we go the way of McCainland and Harpertonia. Canada, and the US, let'sunite and kick out the pricks.


MGMT - Electric Feel (Justice Remix)
JUSTICE - Planisphere (Part 3)
JUSTICE - Planisphere (Finale)
A-TRAK - Say Woah! (Boys Noize Remix)
DRAGONETTE - Jesus Don't Love Me (Linsmore Remix)
CRYSTAL CASTLES vs HEALTH - Crimewave (Keith Remix)
MSTRKRFT - Bounce (Mansion Remix)
FRIENDLY FIRES - Photobooth (Mock + Toof Remix)
THE DEATH SET - Impossible (Dan Deacon Remix)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I wonder what's going to happen in the upcoming Canadian election.

From an arts perspective, even a Conservative minority in Parliament doesn't make for good news. Thanks to Bill C-10, the Harper government, with impunity, has started to place "values" as a criteria for funding the arts. Have a band with the word "fuck" in the name? Too bad! You'll no longer be able to claim tax breaks for any government funding you might receive because, well, Canadians don't want anything offensive to be included in arts funding. Just ask Holy Fuck. They slashed them for a few grand on their name alone... and in another move, the Conservatives targeted the movie Young People Fucking, by excomunicating two aides for being on a guest list for the film's premiere...the fuckers!

Remember, kids, that the word FUCK is an old English word that was outlawed by the Normans when they conquered England in 1066.



This week, new material from Golden Girls of Hamilton, who's in town this weekend at Base War.


A-TRAK - Say Woah!
JUSTICE - Planisphere (Part 1)
JUSTICE - Planisphere (Part 2)
DIVISION KENT - Offshore (The Phantom's Revenge Remix)
TMDP - Sex Drive
IN FLAGRANTI - Business Acumen (Holy Ghost! Cover Version)
METRONOMY - The End Of You Too
DATA ft. Sebastien Grainger - The Rapture
THE PRESETS - Talk Like That (CFCF Remix)
GOLDEN GIRLS - The Big League
LYKKE LI - Breaking It Up

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Summer is over. At least today it feels like it is. It's raining, I'm surrounded by students with backpacks, and I need music to warm me up.


HOLY GHOST! - Hold On (Mock + Toof Remix)
SUPERPITCHER - Disko (You Don't Care)
CSS - MOVE (Cut Copy Remix)
SAN SERAC - Fairlight
SYNTONICS - Where U Git Dat Troop (Teezdale Playaz Remix)
SYNTONICS - Droppin tha Bomb (Gingy Remix)
MYSTERY JETS - Half In Love With Elizabeth (Delorean Remix)
NEW LOOK - So Real
DUCHESS SAYS - Black Flag (Basura Remix)

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

It's about time we...um, y'know, wrote stuff on this blog again. The days of summer are winding down here in Toronto, but as every year prior to this one shows, the party don't stop just 'cause it's 12 o'clock. There's a lot of action to be had by all now that the horny students are back in the game, what with the Toronto International Fuck Fest about to start. Parties will be thrown around like bras at a Tom Jones concert, guest lists will be a mile long and waits at the door will probably last forever, but what the hell, we're all in it together, yeah? And last call is 4am so in all likelihood, showing up at 2 might not be a bad idea.

This week, expect madness on a grand scale. Thursday might be one of the busiest nights ever for the Electrolites and the Disconians.

Your best bet is Vice's Film festival Ball, a three room and partially outdoor orgy of tunage. It's at U of T's Hart House, and in the majestic and grandiose environs of the Great Hall, you'll find Juan Maclean and a special guest, while the Djs from The Beaver's occasional punk night Off White are outdoors.

RSVP festivalball@viceland.com for yourself and a plus-one.

Also, down at The Drake, you can catch the Jokers of The Scene, Vitaminsforyou, Dirty 30, and The Cleef for a Toronto to Ottawa boogie-down.

Friday night, back at The Drake, check out our old friends from More Proof, who have Eli Escobar headlining a three floor spectacle of boozalicious electrovinity. In the basement, Times Neue Roman, Kelly + The Kelly Girls and Styrofoam Ones perform live alongside the More Proof DJ crew and Eli, while Mikey Apples spins disco in the lounge at 2am.

Facebook Invite

Or, Tim Sweeney is making up for his July no-show for another spectacular 7th Heaven party.

I don't even know what the deuce is going down on Saturday! Will anyone have the energy to do anything but watch reruns of My So Called Life?


On the show today, loads of Toronto content, most notably from a new group called Cobra Cut who do a Modorific job of making head-spinning disco. You can find a mini-mix at Sparks vs Space (RIP).


SEBASTIEN TELLIER - L'amour et la violence (Boys Noize Remix)
Cobra Cut - Night Prism
LUKE SOLOMON - Demons (Brennan Green Remix)
MOXIE - Beyond Jupiter
FAN DEATH - Veronica's Veil
SYNTONICS - Jit Dat Troop (Cryo + Barbi C Remix)
CRYSTAL CASTLES - Vanished (Nasty Nav Remix)
CRYSTAL CASTLES - Crimewave (Dances With White Girls Remix)
YOU SAY PARTY! WE SAY DIE! - Opportunity (Montag Remix)
HEY CHAMP - Cold Dust Girl