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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Lot's of stuff to check out the next couple of weeks. First thing's first...

Our old friends from the sadly defunct and sorely missed Keep Six Gallery are bringing their Explicit Fantastic series to the Metro Porn Theatre!

Metro Theatre, Friday Sept 18
ft. Kids On TV, Henri Faberge & The Adorables,Maylee Todd's Sweatshop Hop, Mellee Fresh, Vaneska, and Spyda Brown

We had John from the Kids On TV drop by the show this week to play some new tracks. See below!

Also, this weekend, the TIFF edition of More Proof at the Drake Underground! Featuring an unprecedented conglomeration of EVERY More Proof DJ, including Pilotpriest,who's just been added to the bill! CFCF and Scott Seewhale of Nacho Lovers in the lounge upstairs! Last call at 4am!!! Aw, hellz yeah!


WALTER JONES - Living Without Your Love
JAMES CURD - We Just Won't Stop
CANYONS - Fire Eyes
SALLY SHAPIRO - Moonlight Dance
PELIFICS - Forever (Hemingway Remix)
KIDS ON TV - Poison (Siquemu Remix)
KIDS ON TV - Still On About Keith Cole
KIDS ON TV - Goodbye Horses
KIDS ON TV ft. Angie Reed - Breakdance Chix (Firsalon Remix)


The time has come to let y'all know...

The Electric Sound Basement will be doing its final show on CIUT at the end of this month. Your host, Guy Stevos, is moving to France for an indefinite period. While I'm thrilled to be exploring new places, and meet new people, I will most certainly miss, with a deep langour, the environs of CIUT, and its beloved listeners. Thus, with a heavy heart, I announce my departure from this show that has been a weekly staple in my life, and hopefully for some of you as well, since 2003.

As for the content of this month's shows, there will be no goodbye-style broadcasts of favourite moments, or best-of selections. ESB was never about that. We'll end the show exactly how we've been doing it since it began: with new tracks that you've never heard before.

I will continue, from my abode in rural France, to do a monthly DJ set, and if I can get it together, a podcast may be in the works...and as tempted as I am to make you that promise, I won't, for fear of breaking it. BUT...The Electric Sound Basement will still exist in some form, and this blog will by all means live on, even if for a while it's merely on a sporadic basis.

In any case, we've got one show left so let's make the most of it.