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Monday, January 31, 2005


andrew hallisey, aka siktransit, has just made three of the most powerful and daring remixes i've heard in a long time. tune in this month as we've got a special on these tracks. perhaps in a couple days we can get a hold of them for download.

.1 drillcore remix of wario (from such games as super mario kart and mario tennis) and l'il john of crunk juice fame.

.2 brilliant, shifty cut of jay z's "99 problems" that regresses to sonic torture punk by the end. unreal.

.3 somehow, this guy takes eddie murphy's only hit single, "party all the time" and sucks it guts right out, feeding them back to murphy if he was ray liotta in "hannibal" ...here comes the airplane, eddie! be prepared to dance to (gasp)...house music!

i urge you to listen to hally's early stuff, but when his new shit drops, be ready to collect some major music dues. he, along with 0=0, are ready to take over the electronic music world, engaging in a forthcoming collaboration in the areas of record releases, remixes and music videos. and it's all going on in your back yard.


Blogger kerri. said...

holy, i haven't checked up the old blog channels in awhile and this siktransit is so good. Hope all is well, homecoming was a mess with flipped cars that smelt like gasoline.

11:06 AM  
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