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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I wonder what's going to happen in the upcoming Canadian election.

From an arts perspective, even a Conservative minority in Parliament doesn't make for good news. Thanks to Bill C-10, the Harper government, with impunity, has started to place "values" as a criteria for funding the arts. Have a band with the word "fuck" in the name? Too bad! You'll no longer be able to claim tax breaks for any government funding you might receive because, well, Canadians don't want anything offensive to be included in arts funding. Just ask Holy Fuck. They slashed them for a few grand on their name alone... and in another move, the Conservatives targeted the movie Young People Fucking, by excomunicating two aides for being on a guest list for the film's premiere...the fuckers!

Remember, kids, that the word FUCK is an old English word that was outlawed by the Normans when they conquered England in 1066.



This week, new material from Golden Girls of Hamilton, who's in town this weekend at Base War.


A-TRAK - Say Woah!
JUSTICE - Planisphere (Part 1)
JUSTICE - Planisphere (Part 2)
DIVISION KENT - Offshore (The Phantom's Revenge Remix)
TMDP - Sex Drive
IN FLAGRANTI - Business Acumen (Holy Ghost! Cover Version)
METRONOMY - The End Of You Too
DATA ft. Sebastien Grainger - The Rapture
THE PRESETS - Talk Like That (CFCF Remix)
GOLDEN GIRLS - The Big League
LYKKE LI - Breaking It Up


Blogger Alan Smith said...

This mix was the first I ever heard of the ESB. I was driving a friends car, which I never do, up to Young and Eg. to return a set of four chairs, which when I borrowed was only three. My mom had found a match, without ever seeing the other three. Interest, right?

Anyway, I turned on the radio and seeked a few times and heard something that I don't often hear on the radio, awesome music!! Since then, I've been an ESB addict. Keep it up, these mixes are exposing a lot of great stuff and making all car rides, bike rides, or pretty much any other time with an iPod, better.

Thanks for putting together such great stuff,

10:16 AM  
Blogger Guy Stevos said...

Hey Alan,



1:46 PM  

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