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Thursday, July 21, 2005



For those of you who chose for whatever reason not to come to The Boat tonight, you'll be rather disappointed with yourselves when everyone who went tells you how incredible this show was. The Extra Action Marching Band have already made some of the rounds recently with their Hollywood Bowl appearance with The Arcade Fire and David Byrne. Tonight, they proved why David Byrne insisted on letting them headline the show.

They took over the space from its core as soon as the first notes rang out, aweing those who keenly awaited their set, who'd had yet to know what to make of this burly, surly group from Oakland. Leading into their set by playing along with their tubas and trombones to Captain Easychord's grime and danceehall set, the crew of several drummers, horn players and dancers began the march with a parade through the audience to the tune of Guaganco. At the front line were two sexy lesbian burlesque flag girls, who stole the show with their gyrations, cat fights, teases and flag waving. They were joined by a scantily clad luau dancer during Fat Sexy Guy, the three of them engaged in some of the most devilish, lascivious ancing I'd ever seen. It was straight out of another era, when music had yet to be amplified and the crowd was as important to the experience as the band.

The band members gave our ears a workout, but mine came out unscathed. They made it a goal, it seems, to make as much of an imposing presence on us as possible, and what a fantastic imposition it was! The readily encouraged, and often provoked us outright into joining them in their sweaty mess of a party. Amindst all the chaos, the group remained tight and gave it their all.

If you get the chance, go see them at Funhaus tomorrow night. It may not have th same kind of wowness to it outside of the decor and atmosphere of The Boat, but they're sure to please anywhere they play by the looks of it.

Tune in tomorrow at 89.5 FM in Toronto at Noon ET for more of The Extra Action Marching Band, a rundown of the Optimo Psyche Out mix and some new stuff from Mt. Eerie, ex members of Thruh Hermit and Mahogany Frog.


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