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Thursday, June 23, 2005


Quebec rockers like Les Sultans express their delight that San Fransiscan indie rockers might be into their shit forty years down the road (photo from RetroJeunesse60.

Woah! Killer band!. They're called The Seahorse Liberation Army, a group of self-described San Fransiscan Dadaist Guerilla Semioticians who look towards, amongst other things, French pop and rock for musical inspiration. This work is so imaginative and borderline-psychotic that I'm grinding my teeth. I want to hear more. I want to buy an album or an EP from these guys. You should, too. In fact, go to their website now and just have a good time.

You kids better start getting into this band so that when they come to Toronto they'll have a nice crowd to welcome them to town, and they can whip us into shape with their furious, hilarious, outrageous and contagious rock n'


One of the band's members has a fantastic mp3 blog called Drugburn, which you should all frequent if you're into the French stuff. There's even some Can-Con (dare I say Quebec-Con?), as they open up the garages of 1960s Montreal for some Quebec-n-roll gems.

We've decided to forgo the Edmonton special this week in favour of a profile on Drugburn, so instead, I'll mention that Normals Welcome Records will be dropping some dancefloor sickness on this side of the country real soon.

*****NEWS UPDATE!!! NEWS UPDATE!!! (6/24/05)
This page, by some bizarre automation coincidence, is now available in poor, literally translated French.


Blogger pedal said...

Allo, this is Pedal of Seahorse Liberation Army/Drugburn shame. Now that I finally have my computer back I wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the kudos, not to mention the airplay. The SLA very much appreciates it.

Here is a picture: http://seahorseliberationarmy.com/recording/DSCN0392.JPG

I'll be sure to link you on Drugburn ASAP.

12:11 AM  

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