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Monday, June 06, 2005


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Over the past few months on the show, I've alluded to this Siktransit character as our "resident beat machine". Every other show or so, I play a boppin' new tune from this guy and don't even have the common courtesy to link it...UNTIL NOW!

Siktransit, aka. Andrew Hallisey, has posted his newest tracks online, and I take it as I would a moral duty to share them all with you over the blogosphere.

SIKTRANSIT - A Time For Grandchildren
SIKTRANSIT- All Your Bass Are Belong to This Song
SIKTRANSIT - Futuresack!
SIKTRANSIT - Hey, Thatsa My Saaandwhich!
SIKTRANSIT - Hey You Listen Here Buddy!
SIKTRANSIT - Pamplemousse
SIKTRANSIT - Sometimes We Dance

Andrew is lonely, so he's asked me to put up his email address:



Announcement #1

After Friday's show, I've been asked by our music director Ron Burd to host a CIUT live in studio session with London via Japan's punk rock hotties Mikabomb. Please tune in to 89.5fm or over the web at www.ciut.fm at 1pm ET for BIG DOWNTOWN BOOGIE WOOGIE ROCK AND ROLLLLLL!!!!

Announcement #2

For all the jungle headz, as dead as the genre might be, there's still some people who are very interested in its strong points. If you're one of these people, DJ Anubis' BASSPLaTE AIRWAVES is thing, most likely. I swear to god, I can hear demons speaking to me as I listen to it.


Blogger Trevor Haldenby said...

Wow, Siktransitcommission is FUN FUN FUN - spastic feelectronica for the REST Of Us!

4:07 AM  
Blogger mivo said...

dj anibus? or whatver? where on earth did you link to him?


6:38 PM  
Blogger Guy Stevos said...

he's a friend and i happened to be listening to his web radio station. i think the link was supposed to give you a direct feed to the webstream.

4:16 PM  

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