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Sunday, June 05, 2005


What a nice 24 hours to be in this city! Caught the Spacing zine party last night at the El Mo with Friendly Rich and the Lollipop People. The band were quite exciting, getting drunker and weirder with each number. I particularly liked this number, which they played last night:

FRIENDY RICH AND THE LOLLIPOP PEOPLE - Where the Baker Sleeps (recorded live at some point in Mercer Union)

Spacing was launching their latest issue, entitled The History of Our Future. There's a fantastic article in it by author Darren O'Donnel calling for the city to install large speakers on the CN Tower so that citizens can "represent their dreams and aspirations by becoming DJs of the world's highest freestadning soundsystem." The Eclectic Sound Basement would like to state its official support of said proposal. Nothing blew my liquified coffee rum brain than seeing those massive speakers hanging off the shaft of the worl'd largest free-standing penis. Our national ball's, perhaps?

I almost got some free delicious TTC buttons, but I was nabbed by the mighty Boy Reporter, who politely informed me that there was indeed a sign hanging over the merch table with a price list for the buttons. Oh well, the magazine is 10bux richer, I suppose, and may they reap more earnings with those brillaint buttons. The whole damn city should be buying those by now.

The majority of the night, however, was spent drinking outrageous coffee flavoured rum with the boys from Exposed Brain at an undisclosed location, where I was introduced to a BBC spoof science show in the mold of Daily Planet. But the twist is that it's set in the 80s and it looks at future technologies. One episode looked at the music of the coming 21st century, with guests like Synthesizer Patel and Tchaikovsky's ghost.. It's called Look Around You and i suggest you check out the site for some rather bizarre but pleasurable comedic fare.

A sample of some of the music in their "What Will Music Sound Like in the Year 2000?" contest:

TONY RUDD - Machadynu
TONI BAXTER - Sexual Interface

Next week, tune in to CIUT 89.5fm at noon for The Eclectic Sound Basement, representing the best of the blogosphere over the radio airwaves since...uh...2004 :(


Blogger Trevor Haldenby said...

If you play Machadaynu, I might cry from the wings of a great silvery beast slouching towards Calgary.

7:01 PM  

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