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Saturday, June 11, 2005


Not in recent memory has June been so hot in Toronto. Having already taken three cold showers during the day in my fanless domicile, it was a relief to be showered once again at Club OV's for the Vice party, where No Dynamics' Jeremy Finklestein showered us with what must have been a barrel full of water. Again, No Dynamics delivered much of what I expect from them: barrages of large cymbal crashes, high pitch horror movie organs, modulating noise from Dan Vila's Strat and Vanessa's from-the-gut singing, which was taken to new heights of loudness this evening. They're the one band I can see while I'm sober, yet still convince myself that I'm fuckd out of my face through their entire set.

Bush League's singer terrorized us with antics that would make Nick Flanagan blush, stealing my beer during their first of only two songs, and champaigning its contents over my friend Marina. Her boyfriend Paul instigated a retaliatory measure, pouring his own beer over the singer's head, but only to be one-upped by his swift piece-de-resistance. Almost immediately, the singer grabbed Paul's face, planted a sloppy smooch on his mouth, stole his Blue Jays capt, and promptly stuffed it down his crotch. This singer is one wild bastard, looking like some strung out Prince in his nice attire and dark eye-shadow. He's the perfect cure for crowd apathy, since you can never know if you'll be one of the targets of his showman's assaults.

To my surprise, the legendary Bunchofuckingoofs closed out the show to the few of us still interested in watching the music front and centre. After all these years, Crazy Steve is still Toronto's number one punk rock singer. He's got enough energy to last another twenty-five years.


Having Mikabomb do a pre-taped live session for us on Friday was a true delight. I've fallen in love with the three girls in the band, who are all class act ladies with bitchy little hearts of gold. They had just seen Niagara Falls for the first time, and were quite excited to tell me that they had "pissed all over Niagara Falls", as the old song goes. Mike Handa's clever lyrics impressed me, with such gems as "She's a super sexy razorblade happy girl!" and "''m a yellow bitch from Oksaka City / Sittin on my ass on Rockaway Beach." When I asked her what the general response to the new album, Hellcats had been like so far on the tour, she replied by saying in her mind-bogglingly adorable Japanese British accent: "Some of the boys, they say it's too...bitchy? But we don't care. We just wanna play more music."

I was unable to make it out to their Sneaky Dee's show last night, but I can tell you that based on their performance in studio, they were certain to have won some Toronto fans. It was their first show here, but efinitely not their last, as they seemed to have enjoyed themselves thoroughly and mentioned that they were looking forward to coming back again.

The studio performance will air on a Monday in the near future on CIUT's It's (A)live. I'll keep you posted on the date, and tomorrow I'll have Friday's playlist posted for your consumption.


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