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Friday, June 03, 2005

ESB PLAYLISTS 6/3/05 AND 5/27/05

In university, much work was lost due to my time spent on the internet. Now that I'm in college, I wish not to repeat such mistakes, hence the tardiness in delivering yet another playlist. So we'll start with today's, and then last week's...sorry, no downloads this time around. But first, fun for the whole family...

Thats my man John Einarson, my old history teacher, droppin' the science on the kids on A&E's Neil Young Biography. Big Johnny E, as we used to call him, was THERE back in the day when Winnipeg outshone Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal as the rock music capital of Canada in the 60s. He's got some kickass stories, like the time he accidentally opened for Led Zeppelin (more on that next week, perhaps?).

He was a pretty rock n' roll teacher. Every year, he'd put together "The Rock Show" at my school, and everyone who played instruments or sang would sign up and they'd be grouped in different songs with other musicians. Each year had a different theme: Summer of Love: Music of 1967, Oh! What a Feeling!: A Tribute to Canadian Rock, Woodstock: A Celebration, and The Beat Goes On: 30 Years of Roc n' Roll. Man, did I ever get to work on my chops in those shows. Woodstock was the best. Instead of doing it in the shitty debating theatre like we did every other year, we took it to the gym and constructed a huge stage with video screens and everything. Fuck, we even did a rain dance between two Santana songs! What memories!

A selected list of tunes I got to play year to year:

TEN YEARS AFTER - I'm Goin' Home
THE WHO - We're Not Gonna Take It / See Me Feel Me
JIMI HENDRIX - Purple Haze (the smoke machine got so thick on this number one night that the fire alarm went off...but no one noticed until the show was over because we rocked so loud!)
BTO - Roll on Down the Highway
THE CLASH - Should I Stay or Should I Go

Sure, you may think of those tunes as rather trite now, but c'mon, put yourself in the mind of a high school student. Didn't you just wanna rock? All the time? Well I got to do it in school, muthafuckas!!! I don't know if I ever got to thank Johnny enough, so I'll give him this humble tribute.

Read his article on Neil's early days in Winnipeg and Toronto here. Take a look at his impressive bibliography her.

On with the playlist, off with your heads!

VITALIC - La Rock 01
!!! - Get Up
LCD SOUNDSYSTEM - Jump Into the Fire (Live)
GANG OF FOUR - At Home He's A Tourist
* Our opening honours the return of DJ Seez, whose new blog allows him to stay in touch with his beloved and far reaching community, which sometimes comes from the least likeliest of places. He has seen his share of good times this past year as Business Manager of CFRC Queen's Radio, from shaking hands with Jean Chretien to shotgunning beers with the FUBAR fellas, he's become a Canadian icon of his own. Long live The Seez!!! Download tunes from his site. There's already a demand for it, as I got a phone call during the show today requesting that I repeat the address.

* I introduce you to our guest this week: Rocky Singh, formerly of the legendary Asian Dub Foundation, has returned to Toronto to work with Kidd Rasta and the Peacemakers, and in the process, decided he'd make a couple releases of his own. We had a nice chat for about ten minutes. It's always good to learn from those who have been around the world. He's having a release party next week, check out the details on hissite by clicking on one of the tom toms on the drum kit.

SOLVENT - Operating Ease
DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 - Blood on Our Hands
NEW PORNOGRAPHERS - Your Daddy Don't Know
* You can get videos of the last three artists on Cliptip (via Zoilus).


ROCK I.D. SOUNDSYSTEM - Come Around (Shiva Remix)
0=0 - Abolished
SIKTRANSIT - Here Comes Bang
THE EVER NEVERS - Transmission
THE EVER NEVERS - Psychadelix
VMW - Black Rainbow
THE APES - Mind of Mailla
THE APES - The Nightime Reaper
* Thanks to Headphone Sex and 20JazzFunkGreats for playlist material. Blogsphere represent!



I'll be heading off to Grosmorne, Newfoundland to make a travelogue documentary with my friend Ben Roberts (seen here dressed as Atanarjuat The Fast Runner) for six weeks in August and September...which means I won't be physically present at CIUT to do the show every week. But worry not! I'll be compiling a six show series based on some of the fringier aspects of the mp3 blogosphere. Look for specials on: odd sound artifacts from the early 20th century, found tapes, mid century classics, dj live sets, and label profiles. I'll keep you posted as the project moves along.

Now, off to school from midnight to 2am, as it was the only time I could book the studio for DAT tape transfers. My Friday night, wasted on school! What a bunch of bullshit!


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