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Friday, May 13, 2005



To shoo away the bad luck, I've decided to finally deliver the playlist on schedule, as well as avoiding walking under all the ladders around my building while they do "renovations".

CONGOS - Congoman
CONGOS - Fisherman
* Brought to you by Spoilt Victorian Child. My roommie Jay from The Old Soul (PLAYING TONIGHT @ LEE'S FOR SANTA CRUZ!) conferred to me on the way to the radio station this morning that the Lee Perry produced double album Heart of the Congos is considered one of the best reggae albums of all time.

WHY? - Miss Ohio's Nameless
* If you caught him at the Horseshoe on May 2nd, good for you, as you probably got a sneak peek at the Sandless EP, which, as Moebius Rex explains, will give way to a full length album in September called Elephant Eyelash.

HERBALIZER - Gadget Funk
* New disco-ish tracks from an up and comer and supergroup. I'm rather surprised by this Herbalizer joint, as it's not quite as, hmm, how shall we say, cannabinical as some of their more familiar work. I'm excited to hear what else they've got in store. The tracks come to us from Scissorkick and Music For Robots respectively.

From here on, I decided to take the rest of the show on a different path. Last week, I talked about James Wooley over at Headphone Sex, who's willing to upload tunes to his blog that have been sent to him by various folks looking for blogplay. Since I too have been sent a number of discs over the past couple of weeks for radio airplay, I figured, "Why not do the same thing?" So, the rest comes from my snail mail box this week. Thanks to all the artists who sent me copies, as I now have your wonderful, free CDs to rock to.

DUPLEX! - Hanu
DUPLEX! - Salad Song
VEDA HILLE - Where Am I From?
* It was by total coincidence that I recieved both of these albums at the same time (one of them came from Umbrella Music for me to review), but Veda Hille has put together some extraodrinary releases over the past couple of months. Her own new album, The Return of the Killdeer, is a fine disc, both sad and beautiful and heady without imposing too much emotion on the lonely soul. But what I really enjoyed the best was Duplex!, who have been put together by Hille and her musical partners by recruitng some kids to join the party and collaborate with such instruments as "fake marimba, nose flute and kielbabsa". Why didn't I think of that when I was a kid?

VALERY GORE - Elliot Goes
* She didn't get the most flattering review in eye, but I was much nicer in the one I wrote for Umbrella Music. Keep on keepin' on, Valery.

ESCAPE GOATS - Your Blackbird
* The Hamilton independent rockers have released their latest effort...Independent Rocker...on their own terms through their own label, Escape Goat Records.

* Mr. Madison sent me his outstanding self-produced 7 song album of the same name that I've had on my box all week. It's like a return to the days before I hated music.

THE NEIN - The Vibe
* This track shakes me up, man. It's got to be all that circuit bending, and those absolutely "beyond me" synth bells. Read a review I wrote of their latest album here.

ZUBOTTA - Barry's Gone
ZUBOTTA - Haloid
* Canadian electro is getting more and more interesting year after year. While Caribou and The Russian Futurists are lending their skills to a more pop-oriented sound, artists like Venetian Snares and Zubotta explore the more historical formats such as Transylvanian Gypsy music, or in Zubotta's case, the art of the solo violin.

NEXT WEEK: tune in for an examination of the cross pollination between Africa, South America, The Carribean and North America in the world of electro., as well as a look at Matt Hart's new Russian Futurists album, as well as a track or two from other artists on his Upper Class Records label.


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