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Thursday, May 12, 2005


Ye gads! I HAVE to stop this war against punctuality. I'll try tomorrow to have the playlist up within a couple hours of the show, so you don't have to scratch your head for a week asking, "What was that tune called?"

This week, we bring you selections from disc's sent to me in the mail over the last few days, including Duplex! and Veda Hille, The Escape Goats and The Nein, as well as some new burnin', brand new tunes from the blogosphere, like a disco cut from Herbalizer, a heartfelt indie-hop ballad from WHY? and some dope ass reggae / gwo-ka from the Lee Perry produced group known as The Cognos.

Before I start, I should mention the array of fantastic shows in town this weekend. No Dynamics and the Chinese Stars will be at The Boat, a supposed pirate themed bar at 158 Augusta in the Kensington Market. Ahoy! Aye! Swab the deck! 'Tis a mere 7 schillings, bye, so's the captain expects ye to show yerself! DJ Mikey Apples and Broken Mirror Karaoke will be walking the plank alongside these lollygaggers.

The Old Soul, who just made the cover of eye this week, will be playing at Lee's Palace for Tyler Clark Burke's Santa Cruz party. Their drummer is my roommate, and he's got to pay the rent or we'll kick him out, so go and support him. Apparently, they've got a live video make-out booth set up, so since Jay is recently single, ladies, take him by the arm and suck his face off in front of everyone.

As for Saturday, I'll be at the El Mo for Grand Theft Bus and a seven piece band called The Little Pilgrims as a reviewer for Umbrella Music. On one of the other floors at the El Mo that night are playing Animal Monster, DAT Politics and Stop Die Rescuscitate. I'm not sure which one is upstairs or which is downstairs, but I plan on wandering in a booze-addled aimless manner between both floors, so if you see someone's head crashing through a wall or into the lovely dance studio mirrors upstairs, say hello.

And lastly, Johnny Dovercourt at the Music Gallery has informed me that they're throwing an "Italian Intensive" mini-fest this weekend to showcase some avant-garde pieces from Italian composers. We'll be giving a ticket giveaway for this gig tomorrow on the show, so tune in if you want in for free. Click here for more info.

Ed ora, esposizione della settimana scorsa!

SIKTRANSIT - Sometimes I Dance
* Our favourite habit at ESB is to play new Siktransit songs at the top of the hour. Once again, keep your ears and eyes open for his forthcoming album.

RACECAR - D is the New C
* All of these tracks come to us courtesy of James Wooley at Headphone Sex. They were all sent to him by snail mail and he was happy to showcase some of this uncharted talent. Check out the site for info on how to send your tunes to him for blogplay. None of the tracks are up anylonger, but you can check out the entry for more info.

MARTIN PETER - Hate Fuck Kill War
DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 - Little Girl (Masterkraft Edition)
* All from our favourite blog, 20JazzFunkGreats. I was listening to the final Fever Pitch last night on CFRC (Mike Salot is leaving Kingston for good this week), and he mentioned that Glitter are being sued by Mic Jagger and Keith Richards because they used to go by the nickname "The Glitter Twins". Why don't they just be sensible and sue Mariah Carey for that atrocious, bad taste concept album she came out with a couple years ago? After all, it was so shitty that her record company paid her off to fuck off with it, so she could have afforded the legal fees.

Anyways, 20Jazz had an interesting link that I thought I would share with you in the form of a setlist...

UNIREVERSE - My Baby's Gone
WE ARE MOLECULES - Silk and Venim (Whipcrack Revolution)
GELEE - Tachee
GOA! - Biya
* This all came from No. 1 In Belgium, who recently did a profile on "NUVO: Montreal's Radical Pop Underground" compilation from Robosapien Records. What I like most about this post is that they've steered away from heaping attention on the groups that already got it from Spin and NYT in their Montreal reports, and instead spent more time highlighting the aforementioned groups that fell under the radar.

DRESDEN DOLLS - Girl Anachronism
* Courtesy of Radio Babylon. These dudes opened up for NIN this week in Toronto. One of my rommies, a longtime Nails fan, was supposed to go with a friend and Rick the Temp to the show on a press pass and meet Trent Reznor, but sadly, the deal fell through. On the bright side, at least he didn't have to hang out with Rick the Temp!


Blogger Seez said...

Right on with the Simian Mobile Disco, Glimmers and Mstrkrft joints....both were staples on Fever Pitch in it's dying days. What time is your show on? Perhaps I could guest host if I get in on time on Friday?


9:34 PM  

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