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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Apologies for not posting the playlist sooner. I have no excuses. But I'll make it up to you this Friday with a dynomiiiite show at noon ET on CIUT 89.fm.

And now, "Live Notes" part two (apologies to Zoilus for stealing the name...mea culpa)...

LENIN I SHUMOV - Sebya v Sebe
* I'd have played some new stuff from their EP, but the band took the sample mp3s down before I had a chance to download them, but keep checking their site for an update, which hopefully will resotre these tracks and inspire you to pick up the disc, which they released on Apil 16th at the Dovercourt House to a full ballroom-sized crowd.
NO DYNAMICS - I've Got You On My Mind
NO DYNAMICS - A Paradox Wrapped in a Contradiction (apparently not the actual title of the song)
* Both of these tracks were recorded live at their "breakout" gig at Sneaky Dee's this past January. Unlike the Shumov tracks, I was able to download these before they were taken down due to web traffic limitations. They'll be releasing a new EP soon on Rob Gordon's new label engineered by Jeff McMurrich, who also worked on the aforementioned Shumov disc.

COUGAR PARTY - Who Knows What Would Have Happened Had Their Van Not Blown Up in the Desert
COUGAR PARTY - Disconnect
COUGAR PARTY - People Shouldn't Be Mean to Me Now That I'm In a Band
COUGAR PARTY - Lakeboat Fantasy
* Another local group who just put out an EP. Download all these tunes here.

RYU vs. KEN - Chun Lee is the Gurl 4 Me
RYU vs. KEN - At the Club with M. Bison
* Skitransit and Numba One Stunna's have combined efforts to drop odes to Street Fighter 2. Look for live gigs in the future, most likely in the Kingston area.
SIKTRANSIT - Future Sack
SIKTRANSIT - All Your Bass Are Belong to this Song
* This guy moves back to the city in August, so you can bet your milkshakes he'll be playin gigs, and he'll tear down the fabric of the silk house. The last time he played in Kingston, it was so hot that someone yanked the fire alarm at the Grad Club when his set was over.

THE BOOKS - A Little Longing Goes Away
REPUBLIC OF SAFETY - The Roaches Won't Survive
* A preview of the Over the Top Festival happening May 5 - 9 in Toronto, featuring local and international acts alike. Perhaps I'll do another feature on this fest when the time comes.

* Nothing like ending a sow with a 10 minute droning epic. Supposedly these dudes played a raucous set at Sneaky's a couple weeks back. Download tunes here.

If you'll excuse me, I'm off to enjoy some classics. My new roommate who works at Soundscapes just lent me On The Beach and Live 1966. Can I resist? I think not.


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