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Wednesday, March 09, 2005


many of you missed another fantastic galaxy show tonight. as they mentioned, it took them a year to get to the stage at sneaky dee's and their debut, while modestly attended, brought more folks into the realm of influence that is galaxy. something about those overdriven low wattage amps and a beautifully tuned kit make a show worth watching. not to mention the confluence of katie and emma's vocal pairings. you don't know what your missing. i know it's all cold and everything, but if you stay inside during winter you miss some of the best local music you can find. the next galaxy show better be at full capacity or i'm gonna inflict some damage on you lazy muthafuckas. i realize that sometimes it can be lonely in toronto, amongst all these assholes and their coutoure tip, but the music makes it all worth while.

there will be no eclectic sound basement this week. i've been called to fulfill one last duty in kingston. FUN! will be playing our last gig at clark hall pub with the radical dudez, the steeltown sprigs and a couple of other acts in a four hour dance-with-the-devil-in-the-pail-moonlight jam-boo-ree. hope to see a few of you there, if y'all happen to be in the limestone city. it may be the last chance you'll get to see or hear our video-game-space-country-funk explosion in the Bay of Quinte. we might do a minitour with The Deviance to Ottawa and Montreal, but from then on, it's over...unless we record an album in the summer, in which case it's eternal.

so instead of the show at noon on friday, you'll hear either a fill in slot from whoever the managers can find, or some sort of prerecorded lecture. tune in anyway, you might just educate yourself a little. to make it up to you, i'll be poting an mp3 of the !!! concert from march 2004 at the salla rossa in montreal for the Brave New Waves 20th anniversary party.

it was at that show where i first saw steve kado live (opening for !!! with the Barcelona Pavillion). he showed me the sound booth set up tonight at sneaky dee's, which i am grateful for. at school, the rastafarians who teach me don't let me observe them in the field because i'm not an 18 year old asian female. anyway, steve was playing the minibosses between sets, they're from texas and they're video game prog heaven.

MINIBOSSES - Megaman 2

when i'm in kingston, i hope to hang out with kerri carisse, who you should all be listening to at this point now that you have the link:



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