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Tuesday, February 15, 2005


sorry about the delay. wavelength took some breaths away and i got caught up.

CPC GANGBANGS - Mechanical Man
CPC GANGBANGS - Where Did We Go Wrong?
* deaner from FUBAR's band. they put on a tight show and their new record should be out soon. in the meantime, enjoy these quality cuts from their online demo.

GORRILLAZ - Dirty Harry
* new cut from the electro super group, with the help of dangermouse (courtesy of stereogum). according to thighs wide shut, the vocal and keyboard tracks come from a damon albarn solo disc, a limited edition one with which he used to pass around some of the songs here recorded in hotels a US tour. we'll play the original track on friday during the show.

THE PEACE - Black Power
THE PEACE - Peaceful Man
* Zambian copper belt revolutionary rock from 1973. one of the few contributions to black histoy month by the blogging community :) actually, pieter from akwaaba sound system has just returned from africa where he visited various countries and brought some good tunes back with him. there is an excellent post dated feb 4th featuring mp3s from a congolese mambo group called "super super mambo jazz". we'll make sure to play them next week on the show, as i've always maintained that jazz from mid and southern african is far superior to that of any any other part of the world (with the exception of the mediterranean and quite possibly latin america..it's only slightly better in those cases)

SS CARDIACS - Wolfie's (a great live videoof the S.S. Cardiacs at Club Rockit last august can be found here)
Y.A.C.H.T. - Sometimes I Doubt Your Committment to Sparkle Motion

* these songs come as part of a roundup (or as it was on the show last week, a preview) of the wavelength 5th anniversary weekend, during which all of the above performed sets. Jonah of YACHT is also in The Blow, who headlined at Sneaky Dee's on sunday night for the last show of the anniversary. i love how wavelength master of ceremonies Doc Pickles always pronounces the "ch" in yacht...perhaps he's welsh. my friend and i also mused about how funny it was that on top of pickle's duties, someone had to introduce him as MC. "is that really necessary?" we asked a first, but quickly we realized that the spirit of wavelength is what we like the best. the idea that you can say "hey, we know you and we like you so we trust you with our microphones, so we may as well have you come on stage". i wrote a review of the whole shebang (or most of it, rather, as i didn't make it to all the events) that should be up on torontoist and / or umbrella music by tomorrow.

FINAL FANTASY - The CN Tower Belongs to the Dead
* from owen pallett's latest album. he was either present or performing at all four of the anniversary's shows. he's just released an album called "Final Fantasy Has a Good Home", which i plan to pick up tomorrow and play some music from in the near future, perhaps even have him on the show. from what i've heard so far, it sounds like a solid studio venture that differs a fair bit from his solo live shows, which can be rather dark and languorous (not that there's anything wrong with that). the two songs i've played last week are both very distinct from one another, and engineered with superb quality and attention to detail for a record on an indie budget. i think this album is a new height in the vast archive out there in the aether that chronicles a century of recorded indie music in toronto. read the story surrounding the making of this album here.

NINJA HIGH SCHOOL - By Purpose Not By Plan
* these guys have been around for a couple of years, but to me they represent the future of wavelength. another great video for your consumption.

NO DYNAMICS - Josephine Baker
* people were throwin requests out for this one at the crazy house party gig on saturday night. to me, these guys represent the future of toronto.

* this was an early version of the now finalized song "a time and place for photos and grand children". we'll have more from him this week. get ready, because this guy is moving back to toronto in may, and once he releases a record, he's going to drop hard. his last album, everybody needs sundays, made it to number six on the exclaim! electronic chart within amonth of being sent out to radio stations across the country, without any press whatsoever. a track from it also ended up on the inflight radio of air canada, oddly enough. he's been written about in vice and almost got snatched up by universal three years ago. the album was of the down tempo sort, but now he's played some live gigs and is into the dancefloor mashup ekectropunk thing. expect big things from this guy.

videos this week courtesy of aperture enzyme, a great resource for images of toronto bands.

tune in on friday at noon for the carl wilson interview, which hopefully will transpire tomorrow.


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