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Thursday, February 17, 2005

tops to umbrella music for publishing our review of the wavelgnth 5th anniversary. read it here.

we couldn't get carl wilson to do a phoner this week, but perhaps when things a re a bit less crunchy and more peanut buttery smooth on the working front, wilson will deliver us his word on the whole music blog business goin down these days.

as for this week, make sure to tune in tomorrow at 89.5fm in toronto, 12pm et to catch some breaking new material from underground artists like Siktransit and a totally unheard of cutup artist named Numba One Stunna, both local guys who will be hitting the scene hard in the near future.

also, i managed to get a hold of this new owen pallet / final fantasy disc, called "final fantasy has a good home", i really dig it despite some of the budget production and engineering (no slight to the talented folks who made htis challenging recording), so we'll crack a few tunes for you. apparently this disc sold amazingly well during owen's opener gig across the states with arcade fire, but the wor d is that steve kado from blocks is going to have to print more if the kids are gonna start picking it up en masse, which they're likely to do over the next few weeks.


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