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Friday, March 04, 2005


i caught The Zoobombs! last night at the Silver Dollar, and what a show it was! i've been asked to review it for Torontoist. it should be up by tomorrow, hopefully tonight. we'll also have an expanded review of all the acts that played last night on this blog later this evening. this blasted ringing in my ears should be gone by then, too.

a couple other blogs for you to check out this week:

HELLO I'M HALLY - Andrew Hallisey, aka toronto electro artist Siktransit brings us this goffy frolic into the blogosphere, which also serves as a front for his new group of winter adventure enthusiasts, The Toronto Sledding Society.

HEY SEEZ! - from CFRC 101.9FM Queen's Radio Business Manager and Kingston music scene saviour who in the past year has been responsible for bringing Uncut, Kid Koala, controller.controller, Disconnected, Manitoba, The Russian Futurists, Death From Above 1979 and the Creeping Nobodies to the starved audiences in the Limestone City as part of the Dance to the Underground monthly music series. he's also just climbed aboard the blogger collective Amphetamine Blues as a regular contributor.

and now, the playlist...

* a couple of dancefloor smashes on their second run through the blogosphere. hear the soulwax track tucked into this mix from Laurie Laptop. it's the one that goes "this is the excuse that we're making, is it good enough for what you're paying? YEAH HEY!" for those of you who haven't heard it yet.

* according to Headphone Sex out of the UK, some mp3s leaked of this early tape from the scottish electrominimalist duo, and then placed on e-bay for the price of $799. but have no fear, audio purists and impoverished music collectors! you'll be able to hear it on CD when they release remastered copies of all their early, unreleased material sometime soon. read about it further.

CAN - Pinch
CAN - Oh Yeah
* i'm pretty sure these were made available for download on Fat Planet, but i can't seem to find it at the moment, so i'll leave it up to you to search their archives.

THE ROWDEYMEN - Clap for the Wolfman
* these guys sent me an exclusive download of this song from their Guess Who tribute compilation, so unfortunately i can't make it available to you, but how fitting that this pops up right in the middle of Danger Zone's Hilarious House of Frightenstein Wolfman mix CD challenge!

tune in next week, friday at noon et at CIUT 89.5FM in toronto for the Zoobombs and other music from the japanese musical revolution. and don;t forget to log back on this evening for a review of the Canadian Music Week show they played at last night, with picture and all. baziiiing!


Blogger Laurie Laptop said...

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Blogger Laurie Laptop said...

Cheers for the link. I'm glad someone is tuning in to my musical tastes! You can find alot more mixes and some of my own compositions on ordio.net and news on ordio.blogspot.com. Laurie Laptop XXX

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