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Saturday, February 12, 2005

i don't know about YOU, but I can't put a muthafuckin MAN on the GODDAMN MOON!!!

this weekend has surpassed any of the lame bullshit i ever experienced during 11 years of exile in kingston and winnipeg by light years. fuck those snobs in the exchange district and their stories about fighting teenage nazi gangs. fuck all those bitchass kingston swine who never cared for anything new. i feel as if i've traversed galaxies tonight. at some house party in a building above a bagel shop, i caught my favourite toronto band, NO DYNAMICS. huddled masses of bodies blasted into one another in a cellular interplay of propulsive discharge (if that makes any sense whatsoever). it was a quick set, but all who stuck it out in that tiny living room overlooking computer stores and street cleaning machines spent a good 40 minutes amidst freakish noise and a strange vibe that straddled the thin line between mosh pit and dancefloor. we truly are a bizarre hybrid of our 80s childhoods and 90s adolescence.

no dynamics are composed of a number of kids i'd come across in the past in some manner, and it's entirely likely that you have too.

you'd recognize carl didur (organ) and daniel vila (guitar) from the bloor street service sector. jeremy finklestein (drums) i remember from some party a couple years ago in a very well off neighbourhood where he chalked up a bridge with controversial slogans and got the attention of the cops. vanessa fischer, steve kado's vocal sparring partner in the barcelona pavillion, glues it all together with her "for the audience by the audience" show, where's she's not afriad to sing in your face while she's shoving her body into you, and she won't stop pushing until you push back.

go see this band whenever you can.

friday's playlist will come tomorrow...happy wavelength 5th.


Blogger kerri. said...

bitchass kingston swine who never cared for anything new

6:32 PM  
Blogger Guy Stevos said...

ok, not everyone in kingston was like that. a gross exaggeration...you, and in fact all of my friends from there, would definitely not fall into the bitchass kingston swine category!

7:57 PM  

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