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Thursday, February 10, 2005

by the looks of it, the founders of wavelength will most likely not be joining us tomorrow. i tried to get a hold of them but they're probably too busy for a hack like myself. up until today at ESB we called february "guestuary", but at the moment it is SO not. however, there are some people who are still up for "the time" this month. i'm signing out the studio to prerecord an interview with carl wilson, to be broadcast on the 18th. the following week is still planned for having the local music magazine interns puke bile all over the music reporting scene in torono, so at least we'll get somewhere this month.

tomorrow calls for some more new kicks, so we've got a tonne of Siktransit and a new cutup from his friend Numba One Stunna, which, in my humblest of humblies, is off the fuckin wall. plus, a profile of the Fat Planet blog.


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