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Friday, February 04, 2005


finally, some gorgeous weather to make me happy. in the depths of winter, it's easy to forget the feeling of sun on your skin and warm wind on your face. toronto can be so dreary at times, but when it's nice outside, everything changes. as my roomie angela says, "woohoo its february! cause after february is march, and then april, and the SUMMATIME!" this week has been a small reminder of the seemingly endless possibilities of summer: walking to work, eating roti and shotting holes in the moon at night.

there's a fantastic fiery furnaces live set at justconcerts.com which is captivating me at the moment. i'd never really looked into this band but perhaps i should, althought i'm totally satisfied by sitting here listening to this spastic arrangement of bullet-like songs delivered with total performance efficiency: no banter, no breaks.

i hope that tonight will prove a different sort of live entertainment for no dynamics and the cpc gangbangs at the silver dollar. cpc gangbangs are highly anticipated, as they house band member paul, aka deaner from FUBAR, although it's unlikely he'll be in character, but i assure you, he'll turn down the suck just as well as deaner does in the film. i urge everyone in toronto to check this show out, but not because of the deaner issue. the four members of this band bring to the scene several years of collected experience in groups such as the spaceshits and the sexareenos, who i don't know but sound like righteously awesome bands. i'm going with my crazy german roommate who introduced me to bands like the hospitals and the lost sounds. he likes to get loaded, and so do i, so i'm sure i'll play along with whatever german scheme he's got planned for wanton mayhem. i've heard much ado about no dynamics as well, and the one mp3 they have on their site gets me all riled up.

this has been the best week for live music that toronto has seen in ages, and i'm very enthralled to be a part of it. as this month continues to bring us the top of the line , i'll be there every step of the way. i'll even see if i can do a small doc and make it available to you for download, but no guarentees. but as always, tune in this and every friday, noon hour et. 89.5fm in toronto. www.ciut.fm on the web.


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