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Thursday, December 30, 2004


woah, woah, at one point we were like "hey, sweet, it's festvus" but then it came and went so fast, and without any buildup. totally unfestive. we're disappointed. we had our little trees up and everything. although it's tough to get into festivus rituals because on top of the trees, you've got your tents and rangoli and tycho drumming and...well, the list goes on.

so we figured, hey, why not do our holiday thing again? last weeks "best of the music blogs par 2" will be rebroadcast in its usual time slot on the last day of the year, as in the 31st of december, year of our lord 2005, tomorrow.

we'll have that playlist for you in the new year. big up to dj fase from stylistik endeavours, derek westerholm from creeping nobodies/no beat radio and sam petite of the backstabbers, all CIUT folk, who made it to now's year in review top pick in various categories. the creeping nobodies are definitely a band to get into. i have yet to see them live but i intend to make it so in the new year.

we may have to cancel the don cash special in january because i was too damn lazy to get up and go see his show and i think his 75 song mp3 album is no longer available commercially. but do look out for a very smashing start to the new year with the tape-beatles/public works, a story involving the hospitals/vulcan db squad/dan burke, and tomate potate with a brand new song about boxing day.

happy new year,
guy stevos


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