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Sunday, December 19, 2004


the eclectic sound basement is a radio/internet project currently in its fourth year of existence. originally a streaming web station on mp3.com before its outrageous and unjust corporate washout, ESB moved to CFRC Queen's Radio in kingston, ontario canada where host steve birek brought listeners two years of music from the margins of the rock/pop/jazz world. now in it's third broadcast year, ESB has relocated to CIUT in toronto, where the repertoire of artists and sounds heard on the show continues to diversify. you can tune in to steve's show every friday at noon hour ET on 89.FM, from buffalo to barrie, kitchener to cobourg, or you can tune in over the web at www.ciut.fm.

this blog is pretty minimal right now but by tomorrow, we'll have the set list for this week's show and some songs available for download. drop by the site every few days for musical suggestions, reviews, and news from the musical-cultural vein.

we promote music that twists conventions into offbeat expressions and interpretations of the complex world we live in. please feel free to leave comments on the page, and don't be afraid to promote yourself. just know that we have high and erratic standards...so maybe get a little intimidated? it would make us feel much stronger.

- molson brewhard, secretary general, Offices of the ESB


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