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Saturday, April 09, 2005


so i guess we reached the fundraising target, or at least came close, but i must say, i'm disappointed in my listeners for not calling in and at least donating something. in any case, i'd like to thank the following people for contributing:

Lauren Speers aka DJ Chocolate from Scratch Free Press and CKLN (see, even peeps from other radio stations pitched in!)

Angela Besharah

Sam Pettite

The Birek and Aitken Family

as a result, the low turnout means that no one will be awarded with the prize pack of the "Best of the Eclectic Sound Basement Vol. 1 and 2" mix albums. you'll have to do better next time.

new downloads of some Siktransit tunes that will be up for a week:

SIKTRANSIT - All Your Bass Are Belong to This Song
SIKTRANSIT - Future Sack! (Elongated Turd Mix)

tune in over the next two weeks for two specials on recent and upcoming live music in toronto, featuing new tunes from No Dynamics, Hella, Black Mountain and Regina Spektor, all garnered from the blogosphere.


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