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Saturday, August 04, 2007


For those who collect music from behind the Iron Curtain, it should be no surprise that Hungary was done up from head to toe with amazing rock bands from the early 60s all the way into the 80s. Despite all the influence of government censorship, and all the associated hardships of life in the Soviet bloc, Hungarians embraced the freedom to sing about love and having a good time, which allowed them to cloak subversion for decades.

Let's start with Ill├ęs, one of the early Magyar beat groups, who have been around as long as the Beatles.

Zalatnay Sarolta was the most adored singer in Hungarian history. She toured the world, and almost married a Bee Gee. To Hungarians, she was their beloved "Cini".

Koncz Zsuzsa was pretty close in the ranks, and alongside Zalatnay, she shared singing duties for the most famous groups in the country.

Skorpio started in the psychadelic era but ended up doing the Iron Maiden thing.


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