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Monday, January 15, 2007

CIUT Turns 20 Today!

in 1986, we got our licence, and on January 1th, 1987, we aired our first FM broadcast.

Last fall, whent he Viletones played live on Equalizing Distort, it gave CIUT a chance to work with Steve Leckie, one of the only surviving, and still active, punk rockers of the original 76-77 era. Back then, CIUT was called UTR, and it was strictly closed circuit campus radio. It's a pity CIUT wasn't around on terrestrial signal for those years, but we're making up for it now. The scene came first, so we've chosen to recognize what came before us as a part of our own celebrations.

Soon, we'll have live-to-airs with the likes of Teenage Head, and documentary series depicting the 20 years of CIUT, as told by volounteers, staff, listeners, and local musicians, past and present, warts and all. As well, several new shows have made their way to the air over the past coupl of weeks, so we're all excited...check out our schedule, and you will be, too.

Dave Dachs, of The Abstract Index, who has been around just long enough for his 20th anniversary to coincide with the station's own, will play a special two hour dub set, featuring the majestic overtones of his own effects gear, chugging and zapping away at his favourite records of the past 20.

In the meantime, have a look at the Bizzcocks, at the Danforth Music Hall, after the Viletones opened up, in October, 1979.


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