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Monday, November 07, 2005


Quintron, the man who does so little, yet so much, with that nutty organ-car and other accessories like The Drum Buddy, just knocked us flat off our feet this past weekend.

At the Silver Dollar on Saturday...

No Dynamics sets the course for the KO with one of their tightest sets to date, and an updated guest drummer line-up for "I've Got You on My Mind". A gyrating Eugene of Lenin I Shumov stared at us like Cousteau through the skin of a floor tom while Jon McCurley grinned through clenched teeth as he bashed the shit out of a snare.

A bizarre puppet show preceded Quintron and Miss Pussycat's first number, depicting the wild story of two cavemen who build a bar at the behest of their pet skunk so that they can pick up two hippie girls. It was too much, but at least it let us laugh a bit. With a cue to get silly, we tore ass for an hour and a half while Quintron and his saucy woman drove a Cadillac through a swamp at high speed.

Great pic from Blog TO's Kate...review of show here.

Crowds in Toronto are getting madder and wilder, but it's still only an occasional thing to see an audience let loose like that. Much like past shows by the likes of No Dynamics and Ari Up , the overcrowding, sexy dancing and pogoing turned into ping-ponging and by the end of the night, there was a shark frenzy immediate to the stage. When he joins us in the audience for "Swamp Buggy Badass", he doesn't let us off easy, and neither do we let him.

Quintron's stage set up radiates with rumbling oscillations so deep that our bones whirr and shake, even when we're high in the air after launching ourselves off the floor. We're kids again, being stupid and ridiculous, thinking of space aliens and mad scientists as strange sounds abound. When the lights drop out and Quintron starts playing with his Drum Buddy (essentially a basic oscillator that can be controlled with a light bulb), that's when we see the real magic. This man and his wife have lost their home, studio and night club to a hurricane. If anyone knows the power of mysterious, dark forces, it's this guy.

QUINTRON – Drum Buddy Intro

Read more about this fantastic instrument here.


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