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Friday, November 04, 2005


I must admit, I have a sick obsession with MTV Award shows, although I can't really watch them anymore because they're getting lamer and lamer with each new production.

The MTV Euro Awards, however, are relatively new to me, unlike the countless shindigs hosted by the Americans twice a year. From the brief glimpses I'd get of the Euros during my more avid MuchMusic watching years (ie. the 90s), I can remember the Euros as being more fun, if not a little cheezier, than the American productions. I could never bring myself to watch them for more than thirty seconds at a time...until last night!

The Euros are like a bohemian parody of the American shows. While the vast majority of nominees and performers are American or British, there's something intensely European about this whole festival that doesn't often make it to TV over here.

Par instance...Jared Leto, who bigs up Portugal in their native tongue, leads the crowd into a chorus of boos via an anti-Bush pseudo-slam poem. The Gorillaz play a live animated performance. But there are two appearances that made it impossible to be replicated in the States or Canada.

First off, Borat hosts the show. He bare ass spanks a gangsta thug from the audience for talking while the "President of Kazakhstan" delivers an address. Borat then tells the audience that Shakira in Kazakhstani means "vagina", and does a tasteless Freddie Mercury impression, Spandex and all. But the overall top-up has to be the traditional Kazakh dance troupe who perform almost endlessly to a soundtrack of Eurasian disco-funk. It's so utterly offensive that it's hilarious!

Second, the performance by the American girl group The Pussycat Dolls of their song "Dontcha" was unreal. These saucy women win the prize for the best female pop group in the early part of the 21st century.

Who are they and why have I never heard of them? Are they only popular across the pond? If so, then I'm surprised, because these foxes are outrageous! Maybe I'm just out of touch, but where have they been all my life? As if we've had to sift through all these Britneys to get a hold of this. Only in Europe can you pump this kind of sexuality so flagrantly on television. I mean, this is like, whew, too much. There are just too many models on stage making you say "I know it's a terrible fantasy, but yeah, I'd love to do them all." They're not as cool as Queens of Noize, but they're just as audacious, even if it is in a more doctored and manufactured sense.

They arrive to the award show in their own black tour bus and bust into the song with a chorus that rings like loud bells to this young convert:

Dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me? / Dontcha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?
Dontcha wish your girlfriend was raw like me? Dontcha wish your girlfriend was fun like me?

Why yes, ma'am, I do! My girlfriend, when I get one, will indeed be all of those things.

Check the video, featuring a totally randy Busta Bust.

Busta says, 'Gimme some mo' !"


On another note, our Fall Fundraising Campaign is going swimmingly well this year. Morning Ride and Jason Plama's show scored a combined 150 membership pledges on our first day alone, which amounts to at least $3750. We fared quite well, scoring VERY close to our quote of ten memberships...You can still PLEDGE until DECEMBER 15th, and there's some majorly wicked awesome prizes that are going to be given away the next day. YOU can WIN! Check it all out at CIUT.

We did well today. Andrew Hallisey, aka Siktransit, joined us for the hour-long portion of the week-long telethon. Thanks to everyone who pledged support today! Not only are you members of the Friends of CIUT 89.5, but you're members of the Eclectic Sound Basement Benevolent Society Esquires...way to go, champs! You've supported homegrown worldwide campus radio with your financial contributions, and you should feel damn proud of yourselves. You're of utmost value to our radio station.

AND NOW...we shall welcome the first members of the ESBBSE!

SENIOR ESQUIRES ($25 or more)
Sean Bray (Toronto)
Elliot Johnson (Toronto)
Book Corner Inc. (Niagara Falls, NY!!!)
Dr. Catalena Birek (Winnipeg, MB)
Dr. Michael Mowat (Winnipeg, MB)
Dr. Peter Birek (Toronto)
Sharon Aitken (Toronto)
Andrew Hallisey aka Siktransit (Toronto)

Lauren Speers ( aka DJ Chocolate, CKLN Ryerson Radio, Toronto)
Roland Enns (Oshawa, ON)


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