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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

First off, big up to C.A.I.R.O. for a pretty sweet link (see comments in previous posts for a pleasant surprise). Not sure who he is or where he's from (a possible Edmontonian with an abominable connection?), but he's been around the world, so check his blog out, it's in your best interests if you're pondering leaving ol' T.Dizzle for a spell.

Second, major kudos to Jordan Poppenck, who hosts a show on CIUT called The Green Majority, every Friday from 10 to 11am. His Halloween costume this morning was the new Rotman School of Management building at the University of Toronto. In case you're out of the loop on this, Rotman's new building will cause CIUT's historic location at 91 St. George St. to be demolished, and we're forced with a relocation to an as of yet undetermined spot. Ok, so maybe "historic" actually means "oldest and most rotten building on campus", and a new space ain't bad at all, but what's been proposed leaves much to be desired. We could be relocated to a building at McCaul and College, it's an untouched space that we can build ourselves, but it's too far from campus and buried downtown...or we could be crammed into a possible student commons (also a hot-button topic here in La Tourrette d'Ivoire). Either way, we're in the dark and have little to no influence unless we and our listeners do our part to ensure a sound future for our beloved station. Jordan's costume was hilarious - a giant block of cardboard, clad in pinstripe fabric - but when we're actually going to move in the future, we might not be laughing.

Our Fall Fundraising Drive takes place next week, so I want to hear the phones ringing at 5pm ET next week. My hot girlfriend will be answering. This is her, and she wants to talk to you:

Why should you contribute to CIUT?

So we can keep doing crazy shit like our Nuit Blanche broadcast, Afrofest, Jamaica Day, the list goes on. Here's some info on how you can pledge, and there's all sorts of Torontorific prizes you can win from Soundscapes Music, Hart House, Il Fornello, Women's Book Store, High Road Communications, HMV, Computation, Blue Mountain, EMI Music Canada, Mt. Everest Restaurant, Massey Hall, Utopia Cafe, U of T Bookstore, U of T Athletic Centre, Porter Airlines, Oasis Spa, Yoga Centre Toronto and Bikes on Wheels.

And why The Electric Sound Basement specifically?

'Cause I wanna feel like this cat:


TOKYO POLICE CLUB - Nature of the Experiment (Infinix Remix)
TOKYO POLICE CLUB - Your English Is Good (Shy Child Remix)
ALL SAINTS - Rock Steady (Calvin Harris Remix)
CHROMATICS - I Want Your Love
GLASS CANDY - Digital Versicolor
SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO - Piggy in the Middle (Punks Jump Up Remix)
CROOKERS - Lick My Lennon (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
SALLY SHAPIRO - Hold Me So Tight (Kimono Kops Remix)
CSS - Knife


Blogger Mr. Tunes said...

this was a great show. I was listening to it in the car running some errands around town. The All Saints Remix caught my attention the most.

9:45 PM  
Blogger flex-birdman said...

hey birek, give me a shout. i havent heard from you in ages.
dave sampson

6:32 PM  
Blogger magda o said...

def for the hot gf.

8:34 PM  
Blogger goodeda1122 said...



12:46 AM  

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