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Friday, May 12, 2006


Conical Revolution finally became a sightly reality last night at Cinecycle, where a an expanded No Dynamics performed a long awaited 13th Floor Elevators / Spaceman 3 homage set accompanying Anthony McCall's Line Describing a Cone. The lights were turned out completely, and the glass cielings blocked out with large slats of wood. The room filled with mist as psych rock rose to a crescendo through the PA. The band started droning loudly, the room lit only by the LEDs in the amplifiers and organs. Suddenly, the projector fired up and produced a thin shaft of light down a cleared path in the audience. As the band performed "Rollercoaster"*, the shaft gradually flowered into a giant cone by the end of the piece. Although I was positioned to the side, it seems like the most advantageous spot to have been in last night would have been just off centre from the cone, in order to fully appreciate it's blossoming. Compare and contrast, if you will:

What it would have looked like from the side...

...and from the front.

Although it took almost the duration of the set for the audience to put their hands in the cone itself, the revelation spread as soon as the ice had been broken. Hands cautiously made streaking, rubbery lines within the cone. Even an umbrella handle found its way in there. Kid With Camera took some spectacular photos of an essentially unphotographable event.

Kudos as well to Mark Roberts, who not only joined in on drums for "Rollercoaster", but did a set of his own as Broken Tree Fort at the start of the night playing seemingly well-rehearsed soundtracks to old Czech animation films with only a guitar and an organ. Double Suicide followed with some new organ-centred material set to a two projector display.

*"Rollercoaster" by the 13th Floor Elevators, courtesy of Sunday Mix Tapes from Communications Major / English Minor.

A Day For Kites have a new video out for "Catch", shot at the famous Grad Club in Kingston by John Marck, who plays bass in the band and comes from my old stomping ground in Queen's Film. It's now a legendary story that singer Kerri took some hits for the team on this shoot, Michael Jackson styles, so a hard effort was made by those involved. These kids know how to hussle, I tells ya!


THE RAKES - The World Was a Mess But His Hair Was Perfect
SLY MONGOOSE - Snakes & Ladders (Rub n' Tug Remox)
CHROMATICS - Physica (Demo)
HAM - I Have Heard
THINK ABOUT LIFE - What the Future Might Be
THINK ABOUT LIFE - After the Blue Sun
MISHKO - Distorted Strings


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