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Thursday, March 22, 2007


So, myspace is offering a fifth song, in exchange for a hand-hold session with Bodog Entertainment, who are looking for the next indie smash, leather pants and all. Bodog are primarily a gambling company, so the bets are on your music. Add to that the fact that their music division credits Biff Naked as one of its rising bands, and very little else needs to be said.

They have a television production wing with a card game show on Fox Sports Net (ahem ahem). You might as well just be adding him to your friends list.

So go ahead and get your free-lovin' 5th song, but just remember, Rupert Murdoch has rabies and he can spread it over the internet through Top 24's.

And fuck you, Tom, for letting this happen. i thought you were my friend.

Tom's belittling grin is too much to bear.


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